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Application ends: May 31, 2024
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Job Description

Job Identification:3514
Job Category: Allied Health
Posting Date:01/05/2024, 16:42
Apply Before:31/05/2024, 16:42
Job Schedule: Full-time
Locations: Food Lands Building, Abu Dhabi, AE

Carries out functions of selecting, procuring, storing, distribution, dispensing, and documenting.

Senior pharmacist is available for advice on more difficult problems but basically the pharmacist works independently and is held responsible legally for failure to exercise due care in the dispensation of pharmaceuticals. Incumbent may perform on shift and is expected to be on call for emergencies as required.
Provides work direction and supervising Assistant Pharmacists and related staff.
A licensed Pharmacist who is delegated to manage and supervise the pharmacy licensed on, from the technical and managerial issues during His/her assigned working hours, duties include.
Checking all aspects of the prescriptions, clarifying the doubts with the physicians and the insurance (if any) and dispensing the medication to the patients after clarifying their enquiries and counseling.
Dispensing the controlled /semi-controlled medication and registering them as per the rules and regulation of DOH.
Spontaneous dispensing of some medications.
Ensures that the double checking is happened before dispensing the medication to the patient.
Identify, report and act as appropriate in case of any medication errors/safety related risk and incidents.
Train the newly absorbed staff and supervises them while on probation.
Supervises the junior pharmacists and support on any enquiries on drug.
Carries out the responsibilities of assistant chief pharmacist, in his/her absence
Participate and attends quality related activities
Advises Physician on equivalents /substitutes and helps as well as controls the drug usage when needed.
Helps and ensures the quality of the established pharmaceutical indicators.
Strictly observes the organizations –medical regulations and policies related to the infection control, patient safety, patient assessment and patient care.
Ensures complains to all laws, circulars and regulations related to the pharmacy profession.
Carries out all other assignment by the chief pharmacist, and dept. head.


Successfully completed and holds an accredited recognized BSc. in Pharmacy.
Holds a current and valid license to practice as a pharmacist in home country.
Have a DOH License to practice in Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
10 years’ experience in acute care facility.
Excellent command of oral and written English /Arabic.
Basic computer literacy skills.
Must have a thorough knowledge of medical ethics.