Application ends: November 30, 2023
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Job Description

Job Identification:3122
Job Category:Allied Health
Posting Date:23/10/2023, 16:37
Apply Before:30/11/2023, 16:36
Job Schedule:Full time
Locations:NMC Royal Medical Centre, Shahama, Abu Dhabi, AE

Duties and Responsibilities

Undertake Radiographic and Imaging examinations as required.
Maintain a high standard of Radiography service to patients and staff in other departments at all times, in terms of courtesy, kindness, interest and efficiency.
Ensure that Radiation Protection Rules are applied at all times and to be familiar with and obey Ionizing Radiations Regulations (N.I.) 2000 and Ionizing Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (N.I.) 2000 and observe Departmental local rules and protocols concerning ionizing radiation.
Take part in routine daily inspection of equipment and quality assurance procedures, reporting any deficiencies or malfunction to the appropriate manager.
Keep up-to-date with current techniques and developments in Radiographic and Imaging procedures. Endeavour to achieve a high standard of image quality by;
Following exposure charts accurately.
Checking images thoroughly and following assessment guidelines, where appropriate – Seeking advice from more senior staff when necessary.
Take responsibility for keeping the department in general and specifically the work area, clean, tidy and safe.
Have a flexible approach to work so that urgent cases can be facilitated as necessary.
Ensure the policies and procedures of the Trust are applied and adhered to. 9. To supervise and train assistant staff and student radiographers.
Ensure effective and economic use of resources and report all occurrences of defects which may affect health and safety.
Facilitate departmental efficiency by assuming the responsibilities of a more Senior Officer if that Officer is absent. This should only apply for a limited period.
Liaise and communicate with all other staff in a courteous and helpful manner at all times.
Take part in Departmental Individual Performance Review and undergo retraining and counselling if necessary.
To take responsibility for his/her own professional development in the role, in accordance with Continual Professional Development (CPD) requirements.
Develop evidence based competency skills and knowledge by assisting senior members of staff in a range of modalities within the department.
Take an active part in departmental quality initiatives, quality assurance programs and audit and research projects.
The post holder should be familiar with and abide by the following: – All present and future local, Departmental and National Quality and Patient Care Standards. – The Society of Radiographers and HCPC Codes of Professional Conduct for Radiographers. – Health and Safety at Work and HAAD Regulations.
Be willing to work in any of the Trust’s Radiology Departments if required.
Participate in flexible working arrangements to include working on evenings/weekends and Bank holidays/ shift rota’s/on call duty/ out of hours working, subject to the needs of the department.
To ensure that complaints and incidents are dealt with appropriately and reported to a senior member of staff in accordance with departmental and Trust policies.
To carry out any other duties as required by your manager or the service needs.


Demonstrate the ability to adapt to varied age-specific patient population.
Demonstrate maturity and accountability for job performance.
Maintains and effective rapport with patients, visitors, physicians, subordinates and other directors.
Good judgment and analytical ability in preparing work for review.
Promotes confidentiality and uses complete discretion when discussing information.
Creates a calm, business atmosphere that promotes productivity and a positive corporate range image, utilizing good public relation skills.
Works collaboratively with other staffs members to provide continuous service to the organization.
Ability to express oneself in the areas of communication verbal, written, non-verbal.
Demonstrates knowledge of current computer system used in the organization.
Demonstrates effective delegation skills and completeness assignment accurately and on time.
Occupational Safety and Health Management

Attends Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) programs as a mandatory requirement.
Complying with all OSH policies & procedures and legal requirements regarding Occupational Safety and Health Management System.
Conducts his task in a healthy and safe manner at all times.
Reports any untoward events that will impact the occupational, safety & health of patients, staff, contractors, facilities, operations, etc.
OSH Responsibilities/Authorities/Accountabilities


Ensures that OSHMS processes are implemented and maintained in compliance with OSHAD SF within and surrounding the hospital facility;
Carries out the supervision, daily planning and directing of the facility management team in performing OSH tasks;
Initiates and undertake actions to prevent the occurrence of OSH nonconformities;
Ensures and carry out safe and healthy working/practice within the facility;
Provides facility management related OSH reports to the Owner and/or Hospital Administrator or to other authorized personnel by the Owner (e.g. OSH Officer);
Participates in coordinating with the authorities for work permit, inspections, approvals, etc. along with the hospital’s authorized personnel;
Performs any other OSH duties as and when required.


Ensures that OSHMS of BIH is developed and implemented
Ensures that organization should be profitable
Looks for business opportunities
Ensures that all operation meet the legal requirements
Ensures that the health, safety and well-being of employees are taken care of.
Reports to the Quality Director and Hospital Administrator.
Infection Control

All employees are personally accountable for their actions and are responsible for ensuring that they comply with infection prevention and control policies.
Health care workers are responsible for identifying infectious conditions that require specific controls to protect themselves and their patients. In addition, they are responsible for notifying the infection prevention.


Be aware of Mission, Vision and Values
Comply with Law and regulations requirements
Implement Standardized Hospital Wide management system
Keep updated with most current updated guidelines, trainings, related policies procedures, plans and related documents in the shared folder, attend drills and share related quality activities and improvement projects
Team work in departmental and interdisciplinary hospital wide team approach to Quality related activities monitor, improve and maintain the quality and patient safety hospital wide complying with Law and regulations requirements, DOH requirements, JAWDA requirements and JCIA accreditation requirements.

Bachelor Degree from an accredited university in a Radiography, Radiology Technology, or Medical Diagnostic Imaging Program/ Diploma in Radiology (minimum three (3) years course duration) / Associate degree in Radiography program (minimum two (2) years course duration. Registration/ certification or accreditation as Radiography Technologist.
Registered Radiography Technologist, valid license in the country of origin. (Home Country)
2 Years’ experience post qualification in general radiography field.
HAAD Licensed by UAE DOH.