Front Office Executive

May 13, 2024
Application ends: June 13, 2024
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Job Description

Job Identification:4366
Job Category: Administration
Posting Date:13/05/2024,
Apply Before:13/06/2024,
Job Schedule: Full-time
Locations: Dubai, AE

Responsible to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of the customer. work in a fast-paced environment and demonstrate exceptional multitasking abilities, facilitate and coordinate communication between Emirati patients, family members, and clinic staff.

Whenever a patient or visitor enters the clinic, greet and welcome them.
Register patients in accordance with the clinic’s rules and procedures.
Control both incoming and outgoing calls and help clients by transferring calls, responding to inquiries, and giving information.
Ensure reception area is tidy and presentable with all necessary materials (e.g.: pens, forms, and brochures)
To ensure the highest performance from all front office workers, coach, mentor, and train them.
Responds to patients’ needs and assists them in completing their transactions at the different departments.
Listen to compliments and criticisms from patients about the clinic’s services and address them.
Provide patients with information, assist in resolving issues and concerns, and offer suggestions regarding the services.
Pay attention to and respond to patients’ questions concerning hospital rules, practices, and patients’ rights and obligations.
Conducts patient satisfaction surveys.
Monitor patients and visitors and ensure their satisfaction.
Assist patients in filling out any required paperwork, including insurance documents.
Contact potential, existing or new Emirati customers through phone to inform about the product, service, Offer etc. available at the clinic.
Monitor the activities leading up to, during, and following a camp.
Work with the center manager to identify possible communities, organizations, and other venues for the development of business.
Arrange a medical camp in conjunction with a municipal authority, the government, communities, organizations etc.
Create and implement a variety of marketing plans for our business to help us draw in new customers and the existing.
Work with the marketing team to advertise the facilities and services offered by our clinic through various marketing platforms.
Responsible for translating communication between patients/ visitors and staff for easy comprehension.
Read and comprehend Arabic materials, and when necessary, translate.
Ensure liaison with local and federal authorities to ensure the support when administration team is needed.
Ensure excellent patient care and assistance to satisfy patients.
Assure that patient consultation waiting periods are kept to a minimum.
Ensure that records and papers are appropriately stored and maintained.
Verify the insurance claim form. (Make the claims ready before sending to the scanning department for submission)
Obtain & review patient feedback.
Safeguard patient privacy and confidentiality.
High School or Bachelor’s degree.