September 21, 2023
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Job Description

Req #: R143189
Location: AE – Abu Dhabi
Category: SCA/Union/Craft/Skilled Trade

Job Description:

Civil Inspector

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Parsons is the Project Consultant for the construction supervision of a large prestigious infrastructure project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Work scope comprises roads, infrastructure and street scape.

What You’ll Be Doing:

Ensure that all construction works are performed in strict accordance with the plans and specifications.

Maintain a detailed diary of the day’s work activities, issues, work approved or rejected, hours of operation, labor and equipment used, etc. and sign at the end of each day as directed by the ARE.

Interface with the public and stake holders adjacent to the work to mitigate the construction impacts.

Conducts tests to determine if work has been done in accordance with contract specifications and may include any of the following: Performs civil and structural tests, such as soil compaction, moisture content, aggregation, graduation, concrete slump, air entrainment, concrete compression, lines and grades surveys, bolt torques, and concrete coring.

Performs destructive and nondestructive tests on metals and other materials through magnaflex, dyepenetrant, radiographic, tension and compression, paint thickness, and resistivity.

Performs surveillance of underground piping to ensure tightness, bedding, and grade.

Inspects and monitors piling installation to ensure location and bearing.

Validates piping systems, including P&ID checks and hydraulic or other pressure tests.

Inspects electrical installations to ensure proper grounding, circuit integrity, and adherence to statutory and customer regulations.

Performs continuing inspection of painting and insulation to ensure thickness and coverage continuity.

Provides general inspection on all construction labor and subcontracted tasks to ensure professional workmanship.

Verifies equipment alignment and balancing operations. Participates in the development of quality control reports and procedures.

Coordinate with the contractor’s foreman in charge of the work on a daily basis to advise on the proper execution of the work.

Coordinate with the other disciplines inspectors and arrange for sampling and testing of satisfactorily completed work, and quality assurance testing of suspect materials.

Coordinate with the Surveyors to check the line and grade of ready work and completed work for conformance with the plans and specifications.

Report questionable methods of operation by the Contractor to the ARE or to the RE.

Report to the ARE or RE any failure of the Contractor to perform the work as per the drawings and specifications and to provide good workmanship.

Process the Inspection Requests and maintain records of their status.

Maintain detailed records of work performed by the contractor in case the work is performed on a Day Works basis.

Act positively and participate in all health and safety issues at site, as required by the Assistant Resident Engineer and the project safety representatives.

Act in a professional way but firm in dealings with the Contractor.

What Required Skills You’ll Bring:

Diploma or Degree in Civil Engineering.

Minimum of 5+ years of demonstrable experience in all aspects of road/ infrastructure/ streetscape construction supervision on major road and general infrastructure projects.

He must possess the ability to read working drawings and related specifications, and capable of enforcing such specifications.

Must be fully computer literate and able to utilize computer technology to access data, maintain records, generate reports, etc. and any project specific engineering and construction relevant software.

Good written and oral communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as a demonstrated ability to interact effectively with project team.

Experience working on ADM (Abu Dhabi Municipality) project is preferred.

ADM approval as Civil Inspector is desired.

Must be available in UAE to attend client interview.

Minimum Clearance Required to Start:

Not Applicable/None

Parsons is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace. Minority/Female/Disabled/Protected Veteran.