Hospital Administrator

November 9, 2023
Application ends: December 31, 2023
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Job Description

Job Identification:3150
Job Category: Non-Medical-Operations
Posting Date:09/11/2023, 13:35
Apply Before:31/12/2023, 13:35
Job Schedule: Full time
Locations:NMC Hospital DIP Blue, Dubai, AE

Hospital administrator manages the daily operations of a hospital to ensure that patients experience high-quality care. Using administrative abilities, the role helps plan and coordinate medical services and care options based on hospital budgets, funding and resources. Establish goals and evaluate the performance of healthcare providers and other non-medical staff.

Demonstrate judgment and self-sufficiency in effective problem solving while serving as the administrative and operational resource for the Hospital.
Develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures for all non-clinical departments and administer personnel matters related to medical staff.
Liaise with Governmental and other bodies to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Maintain interface with departmental personnel to ensure adequate space and facilities for patient care and coordination of facilities.
Determine necessary space, equipment, supplies and support systems to ensure effective functioning of unit/department.
Take corrective action in situations requiring immediate intervention, including interpretation and administration of hospital policy and work rules.
Intervene and problem solves for inter-/intra-departmental issues. Facilitate interdepartmental communication, negotiation and decision-making.
Assist in HIS / Intranet portal implementation.
Develop and foster effective collaboration between clinical departments, divisions, medical staff leadership and other affiliated services (internal/external) to ensure an integrated approach to providing services, and fulfilling the hospital’s clinical and internal & external educational (CMEs) goals and objectives.
Oversee major workforce and resource decisions for the hospital.
Develop new business strategies to enhance market share and improve overall performance.
Work through the management team and medical leadership of the hospital, serving as a resource to help reduce costs, enhance revenues, achieve effective utilization and quality goals and objectives, analyze and utilize information to develop and support management decisions.
Attend to system development, quality, fiscal management, compliance and clinical management measures, physician relationships, work culture enhancement, internal communication and consensus-building.
Manage clinical employees in accordance with the facility policies utilizing sound principles of practice and fairness.
Review clinical employee performance as evaluated by their respective managers, ensuring that reviews occur as scheduled (sixth month (new employee)/ annually) for each employee.
Monitor emergency action procedures and coordinate activities related to patient/staff evacuation as needed.
Optimize resources to maintain facility operations.
Function as on-site coordinator for internal/external disasters or other major events.
Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein, as may be assigned or delegated by the Medical Director.
Post-graduate in Hospital Administration.
Excellent command of oral and written English. Knowledge in Arabic is desirable.
A minimum of at least eight (8) years experience in responsible hospital operations at the administrative leadership level.