Specialist Psychiatry

September 28, 2023
Application ends: November 30, 2023
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Job Description

Job Identification:2748
Job Category: Physicians
Posting Date:28/09/2023, 11:54
Apply Before:30/11/2023, 11:54
Job Schedule: Full time
Locations:NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, AE

Serves as Specialist of the Psychiatric Department. Coordinates and monitors the health care provided in the department to promote efficient and effective delivery of quality health care both in the OPD and in the IP sector. Provides direction and control over all the department activities. Administers resources of the department in a manner that serves the best interest of Patients

Performs administrative functions at the Department level as established by the Medical Management. 3.2 Supports Continuous Quality Improvement. Develops and promotes appropriate standards of care. 3.3 Develops and implements work assignments, on-call assignments, and vacation schedules for Department staff. 3.4 Supervises and monitors the delivery of health care by department staff. Provides guidance regarding patient care when indicated. Takes remedial action when appropriate. 3.5 Develops and implements effective Peer Review. Provides annual and on-going feedback as appropriate.Works closely with other concerned committees in developing policies and procedures to promote quality health care for psychiatric patients. 3.7 Exercises effective interpersonal skills in dealings with department staff, with associates and with Management. 3.8 Evidences leadership skills in developing in others the willingness and desire to work toward common objectives. 3.9 Maintains confidentiality regarding patient information and regarding administrative matters of confidential nature. 3.10 Produces written communications, assessments, proposals and administrative documents that are timely and of high quality. Work product is of the quantity required to effectively accomplish duties as head of the department. 3.11 Evidences dependability in carrying out the commitments and obligations of the position. 3.12 Demonstrates the ability to listen to others in promoting effective communication. 3.13 Develops thorough understanding of policies and procedures of the hospital and demonstrates respect for them. 3.14 Performs other duties as assigned by the Medical Director. 3.15 Comply with all OSH and infection control policies, standards and procedures and cooperate with hospital management to comply those requirements 3.16 Work accordance with the documented OSH procedures and instructions, specific responsibilities 3.17 Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures 3.18 Notifying OSH Hazards, incidents, Near misses and issues and assistance with the preparation of risk assessments, incident reports 3.19 Comply with Waste management procedures and policies 3.20 Attend applicable OSH/Infection control training programs, mock drills and awareness programs 3.21 Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems and follow safe working procedures

Graduation from an approved medical school plus one year of internship and minimum three years of residency; certification by accredited Board of Psychiatric Medicine. 4.1.1 At least two (2) years of practice as a licensed specialist in psychiatry. 4.2 Excellent command of oral and written English. Knowledge of Arabic language is desirable but not essential.Must be highly skilled in the particular field of practice, with mature clinical judgment and ability to provide professional leadership. He must have a thorough knowledge of Medical Department policies and procedures with particular reference to the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of his work; personality which inspires confidence and trust in his patients; and adhere to Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the Medical Organization. 4.4 Must have DOH License to practice. 4.5 Communication, interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with co-workers, superiors, patients & families.