Registered Nurse (OPD)

Application ends: May 31, 2024
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Job Description

Job Identification:4375
Job Category:Nursing
Posting Date:10/05/2024,
Apply Before:31/05/2024,
Job Schedule:Full time
Locations:NMC Specialty Hospital, Abu Dhabi, AE

Responsible for providing and coordinating patient care, educating patients and the public about various health conditions, and providing advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.
Assess and identify patients’ needs and implement and monitor the patient’s medical plan and treatment. They work with a team of physicians and other health care specialists or allied health in various settings.
Assessment and Evaluation
Meet the essential mental and physical health needs of people of all ages and conditions, including those under end-of-life care.
Perform systematic patient assessment and collect pertinent data about the patient’s health or situation.
Understand and analyze the assessment information and data
Determine actual and potential nursing diagnoses, problems, and issues.
Outcomes Identification
Define the predicted and expected outcomes of the patient’s planned care.
Create and evaluate patient care plans with the medical team.
. Planning
Define the care plan in collaboration with the healthcare team, patients, and families.
Maintain and update the technical and clinical skills related to nursing practice.
Employ strategies to promote patients’ health and a safe environment.
Understand different diagnostic tests and laboratory exams.
Intervention & Implementation
Develop a plan of care for each patient.
Assess and manage all patient populations with appropriate intervention.
Insert, manage, and discontinue intravenous catheters and intraurethral catheters.
Record vital signs, recognize, and address abnormalities.
Perform essential life support (BLS)
Support patient with personal care activities such as feeding, dressing, and performing hygiene.
Prepare patients for medical examination and treatment.
Administer medications and monitor patients for any side effects and reactions.
Administer treatments such as IV fluids or blood products and monitor patients for any reactions.
Provide wound care management.
Assist in medical procedures invasive or non-invasive as needed.
Collect blood samples and other body fluids specimens for laboratory work.
Operate and monitor medical equipment.
Facilitate the process of safe patient`s admission and discharge.
Transfer patient safely into and out of bed and chair
Provide patient care while maintaining the basic principle of medicine of “do no harm.
Record details and symptoms of the patient medical history and current health
Promote patient optimum health and wellbeing.
Identify patients’ care requirements and implement the identified and expected patient`s plan.
Participate in decision-making concerning patients’ care as well as coordinate their care with other healthcare professionals and facilities.
Maintain a safe environment using quality assurance and risk management strategies.
Provide a safe environment for patients and staff, including implementing infection control procedures.
Participate in continuous healthcare related quality improvement activities.
Reflect on practice outcomes and make changes to practice when appropriate.
Evaluates patient’s treatment outcome.
Engage in proper documentation relevant to patient’s care.
Assists specialists / consultants in the specific procedures done in the OPD.
Performs the initial assessment of the patients
Demonstrates priority setting or triage skills and timeliness in responding to patient’s needs
Demonstrates competency in providing nursing care and performing procedures for patients of all ages including medications and vaccinations.
Maintains and updates all relevant patient documentations/medical records as per hospital policy and procedures.
Responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the department as per infection control and waste management policy of the hospital
Demonstrates vigilance in identifying patients with communicable diseases and following the appropriate isolation technique for such patients
Responsible for attending and documenting ambulance call as per hospital policy
Maintains confidentiality of patient’s records.
Assess the patient and family education needs and provide health education.
Follows the reporting mechanisms /chain of command in the Nursing Department. Ensuring patient care issues are correctly and quickly reported.
Takes responsibility for professional clinical practice and is actively involved in updating and continuing education.
Competent with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation technique and participates as a member of Code Blue team hospital wide
Participates as a member of the Code Black team as per hospital policy
Demonstrates an economical approach to the utilization of equipment’s and supplies while assisting the Charge Nurse to maintain an appropriate ward stock.
Responsible for daily checking of crash carts and emergency equipment’s’ as per hospital policy
Responsible for appropriate storage and maintaining inventory of medications including high alert medications and narcotics as per hospital policy
Responsible for appropriate storage and maintaining inventory of Hazmat items including the MSDS as per hospital policy
Assists with transfer of patients within the health care facilities and serves as transport nurse for patients during ambulance transport.
Responsible for performing the daily / weekly ambulance check as per the checklist
Demonstrates sound knowledge and participates in fire safety, patient safety, infection control and the other necessary precautions as per hospital policy.
Takes responsibility for the unit in the absence of the Charge Nurse as assigned
Demonstrates strict adherence to all hospital policies and procedures
Carries out other duties as instructed by the Nursing Shift Supervisor / Nursing Director.
Responsible for implementing health and safety measures related to the Pandemic for themselves and others by their actions or omissions, and continue the provision of health-care during a pandemic
Responsible to comply with the managements instructions and policies, i.e. follow safe work practices, use equipment, wear protective equipment, participate in training, and report hazards or injury, etc.
Responsible to monitor their own health and immediately report any issues of concern to their HOD.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Current license in country of origin and with DOH license to practice in AbuDhabi, UAE.
Minimum 2 years nursing experience after qualification.
BLS provider
Good English spoken & written, Arabic language advantageous/desirable but not essential.