Executive, Human Resources – UAEN

May 15, 2024
Application ends: June 3, 2024
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Job Description

Job Identification: 4406
Job Category: Administration
Posting Date:15/05/2024,
Apply Before:03/06/2024,
Job Schedule:Full time
Locations:NMC – Corporate, Alain Tower, Abu Dhabi, AE

Prepare and draft various types of employee request letters, including but not limited to service letters, salary certificates, salary transfer, address proof letters, experience letters, embassy letters, and other official correspondences as per the company’s policies and procedures in both Arabic & English.
Adhere to legal and privacy requirements when handling employee information and ensure that sensitive data is handled with confidentiality and professionalism.
Stay updated on relevant laws and regulations to ensure compliance when drafting employee request letters.
Communicate with employees to clarify any queries or additional details needed for the letters.
Maintain accurate records and documentation of employee request letters, keeping a well-organized filing system or electronic database for easy retrieval and reference. Update employee records or HRIS (Human Resources Information System) with relevant details related to the letters generated.
Review and proofread request letters to ensure accuracy, clarity, and professionalism in the content. Verify details such as names, dates, and specific information provided in the letters. Seek necessary approvals, signatures, or endorsements before finalizing and issuing the letters to employees.
Continuously assess and streamline the process of preparing employee request letters to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Identify areas for automation, standardization, or enhancement to optimize letter generation procedures and reduce turnaround time.
Provide guidance and support to employees regarding the process, requirements, and timelines for request letters. Address employee inquiries, concerns, or complaints related to the preparation of request letters promptly and professionally.
Ensure that the content and format of request letters comply with the organization’s policies, industry standards, and legal requirements. Stay updated on changes in policies or regulations that may impact the content or structure of employee request letters.
Any other responsibility assigned within the scope of the department.

Education and Certification

• Diploma/ bachelor’s degree in administration or related fields.

Knowledge and Skills

• Strong written and verbal communication skills are crucial for drafting clear and concise employee request letters.

• Knowledge of labour laws, regulations, and industry standards.

• Attention to Detail.

• Demonstrating professionalism, maintaining confidentiality, and treating employee requests with utmost privacy and discretion are critical.

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

• Proficiency in using HR systems & MS office.

• Strong written Arabic skills is a must.


• 2 years of relevant experience in an HR or administrative role

• Having prior experience in drafting various HR documents, including employee request letters, would be beneficial.