Anesthesia Technologist

Application ends: June 25, 2024
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Job Description

Job Identification:4408
Job Category: Allied Health
Apply Before:25/06/2024,
Job Schedule:Full time
Locations:Bareen International Hospital, MBZC, Abu Dhabi, AE

• To assist the Anesthesiologist staff; to clean, organize, and to prepare anesthesia and monitoring equipment; and to maintain collaborative relationships with Anesthesiologists, operating room staff, vendors, and other hospital departments.
• To provides technical support to anesthesiologists and surgical staff under the supervision of the Senior Anesthesia Technology and Specialist Anesthesia.
• Considering age related needs, performs patient care activities, within the scope of practice. As a member of the anesthesia care team, assists with direct patient care for infant, child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient.
• Working with minimal supervision, daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to the setup, application and assistance of:

• Non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring.
• Induction of anesthesia for general/regional & local anesthesia
• Fibreoptic intubation.
• Provide cricoid pressure.
• Insertion of routine & difficult venipuncture.
• Positioning of patient for surgery.
• Anesthesia blocks, and emergency C-sections in labor & deliver.
• Responds to Code Blue, Code Pink, etc. with the anesthesia care team.
• Prepares and applies patient warming modalities when needed.
• Assembles anesthesia airway set up. Prepares machine for malignant hyperthermia & latex allergy when needed.
• Utilizing sterile technique, sets up and assists with placement of invasive monitoring equipment in routine and emergency situations, including Arterial line, central venous pressure line, PA catheter, cardiac output and other monitoring adjuncts.
• Assists with obtaining lab specimens and ABG’s. Is competent in the use of & quality assurance for Point of Care testing equipment.
• Coordinates patient monitoring equipment availability with PACU and Critical Care units.
• Works with perioperative team to facilitate a prompt room turnover.
• Assembles anesthesia equipment and supplies needed for general/regional/local anesthesia.
• Assists anesthesia provider with patient preparation, electrode placement, use of ultrasound/nerve stimulator devices, and performs mechanical task of pressing syringe plunger, as directed by the anesthesia provider, to instill medication during regional blocks.
• Ensuring sterile technique, prepares anesthesia trays and assists with procedures.
• Removes and appropriately disposes of supplies and equipment following procedures done by the anesthesia provider.
• Performs cleaning, sterilization and decontamination of all non-disposable anesthesia related items.
• Considers budget while maintaining sufficient stock, and reviews for outdates, supplies and non-scheduled drugs in the anesthesia workroom, machines, carts, and auxiliary anesthetizing locations.
• Has understanding of medications commonly used in anesthesia including; purpose, proper storage, generic and proprietary names and labeling requirements.
• Coordinates with Pharmacy for out of stock drugs.
• Utilizes working knowledge and operation of all equipment and monitors.
• Performs routine checkout and upkeep of anesthesia equipment, inspects for damages and sends for repair or troubleshoots as needed.
• Coordinates with Biomedical Engineering for maintenance and repair of anesthesia equipment and ensures adequate back-up of equipment at all times.
• Coordinates trial, data collection and recommendations for purchase of new equipment.
• Works with engineering, maintains record/documentation of equipment maintenance and repairs.
• Maintains inventory of disposable and non-disposable equipment, including all supplies and initiates replacement using established contract vendors.
• Maintains & outdates supplies in emergency carts and boxes, such as code blue, malignant hyperthermia, fluid resuscitation/code purple, and fibreoptic/difficult airway.
• Assures a clean, orderly and functional work environment.
• Participates in relevant local, regional and national committees.
• Organizes work to minimize the use of overtime.
• Identifies and assists in systems improvements for simplification or correction.
• Consistently demonstrates a professional, supportive attitude.
• Initiates and supports new ideas and actively assists others.
• Confronts difficult or conflict situations constructively and seeks appropriate assistance.
• Actively participates in departmental professional development and mentors anesthesia students.
• Participates with the assessment of current and future learning needs and development of an annual educational plan.
• Supports a collaborative labor-management environment.
• Applies precautions; keeps a safe environment for self and others.
• Practices customer service standards as defined by the service area, medical center, and specific department.
• Performs other duties as assigned.
• Consistently supports compliance, the Principles of Responsibility, and Maintains and protects patient confidentiality.

• Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Anesthesia technology, Registered Nurse or Respiratory therapist and completion of post graduate anesthesia certification from nationally recognized program.

• Anesthesia Technologist licensed by Health Authority Abu Dhabi (DOH)

• Minimum of 2 years’ experience post qualification in the related field.