Staff Nurse – Pediatric Ward

October 4, 2023
Application ends: November 30, 2023
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Job Description

Job Identification:1809
Job Category: Nursing
Posting Date:04/10/2023, 11:28
Apply Before:30/11/2023, 11:28
Degree Level: Bachelor’s Degree
Job Schedule:Full time

Locations: 19th Street, Dubai, 00000, AE




A registered professional Nurse:

Provides direct patient care and coordinates patient care-related activities using the scientific process of nursing
Abides by AHD nursing standards of care and practice

Demonstrates problem solving/critical thinking skills ensuring effective functioning of unit routine.
Demonstrates current Pediatric nursing knowledge with ability to recognize and apply basic pathophysiology in the disease process.
Demonstrates competent technical nursing skills; medications are administered safely and according to policies and procedures, physicians are assisted with patient examinations and specialized procedures, proficiency is demonstrated with IV therapy, and dressings etc.
Demonstrates the knowledge and skills required in recognizing potential emergency situations; codes and other emergency situations are managed competently. Actively participates in mock codes.
Develops individualized care plans based on the nursing diagnosis, with updated revisions according to evaluation and re-assessment findings. Activities of daily living e.g. hygiene needs are considered in daily care planning.
Sets priorities and plans implementation of patient care; implementation of care is completed in a timely, organized manner and follows AHD nursing standards and policy and procedure. Activities of daily living e.g. hygiene needs are supported.
Demonstrates attention to discharge planning; discharge planning is addressed on admission, on-going and as care plans are modified. Discharge and transfer procedures are completed in a timely and complete manner.
Provides accurate, complete and prompt reports on patient care conditions and response to treatment utilizing the standardized SBAR. Collaborates effectively as a multidisciplinary team member.
Nursing documentation is informative, complete, accurate, concise and legible. Documentation follows AHD and JCI standards and reflects the nursing process from assessment through evaluation.
Works in other areas within the hospital when assigned, within the scope of practice.
Maintains clinical and professional competency based on the latest research and established standards of practice. Completes all Core Competencies for nursing as well as applicable Unit Specific Competencies within prescribed timelines.
Demonstrates awareness and knowledge of Infection Control, Pain Management and Wound Care practices and standards. Reports and documents as directed in the relevant policies and procedures.
Understands the responsibilities of safe handling, and administration of Narcotic / Controlled Drugs and documentation as directed by policies and procedures.
Demonstrates support of leadership. Encourages team decisions, cooperation within and across departments and assist in resolving differences of opinion.
Demonstrates an understanding of cultural difference among customers and colleagues, demonstrates sensitivity and tolerance to cultural differences.
Involves patient, significant others and healthcare provider in patient’s plan of care and education.
Performs special procedures (Chemotherapy administration, etc.) in accordance to procedures and guidelines, following orders and appropriate monitoring.
Demonstrates knowledge of, and the ability to, render care based on age, appropriateness and developmental needs of patients.
Demonstrates proficiency in the use of medical equipment available and in use on the unit.
Demonstrates understanding of environmental safety, maintenance, infection control standards and related policies and procedures. Demonstrates familiarity with Facility Management and Safety plan.
Team Leader’s Responsibilities (when applicable)
Liaises with and updates the Nurse Manager/Admin Supervisor/ Bed Coordinator about the following:
Significant changes in patient status.
Admissions, discharges, transfers, out on pass and deaths.
Staffing issues.
Administrative issues.
Orientates and assists floating staff as needed. Follows up on Float Response Form.
Completes Team Leader Orientation and meets the criteria indicators for the Team Leader role on the unit.
Facilitates unit’s work flow, assignments of tasks and follows up on staffing issues.
Completes all specific unit duties as per the Allocation Book.
Preceptor’s Responsibilities (when applicable):
Completes the Preceptor workshop and meets the criteria indicators for the preceptor role on the unit.
Has precepted new staff.
Demonstrates ability to impart knowledge in critical thinking to new employees and colleagues.
Plans, implements and evaluates the individualized competency based orientation in collaboration with orientee, nurse manager, clinical resource nurse.
Provides appropriated feedback in a timely manner to orientees and Nurse Manager.
Provides objective documentation to the nurse manager utilizing the AHD orientation package.

Bachelor Degree in Nursing (duration not less than three years) or
Diploma in Nursing (not less than three academic years in nursing only) or
Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery (not less than three academic years

Current license to practice nursing in country of origin and with the DHA
BLS certification
PALS certification preferable
At least 2 years of nursing experience in Pediatric Medical Surgical specialty
Private hospital experience preferred